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Minimum 10 users
200GB email, 1TB file storage
Free 3 months
Cancel any time without a charge
To proceed with account creation, please choose the datacenter to store your data or the provider to purchase from.
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Available plans
3 months free
user /month
Hosted email
Enhanced security of your data
Desktop & mobile communication app with free guest access
Up to 1000 attendees
Unlimited HD Recording
Record your call including video
Documents & Collaborative editing
Real-time editting with colleagues
Antispam and antivirus protection
Mobile sync
Exchange Active Sync
3 months free
IceWarp Desktop
user /month
All benefits from IceWarp
Desktop Client
A powerful fusion of email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, private chat and conferences.
For: Windows macOS
Desktop Office
Create and edit documents right from your desktop.
Startup and small business
10 users
Save a lot, have a lot. All in the browser.
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Seriously good value


Predictable, no-commitment monthly payments. A value so good it's hard to believe. And easy to get used to.

Mix and match plans for your users on a monthly basis

Regardless of the number of users, IceWarp is robust enough to scale with your needs. And you always pay only for the features that are being used.

Support straight from the maker

When you need support, you can get response times as short as 20 minutes. And you can always rely on the best possible solution, whether dealing directly with us or one of our partners who are required to adhere to the same support practices.

We take care of your migration

We migrate hundreds of customers each a month. Our free migration tool moves everything from your existing solution including mailboxes, notes, calendars and tasks, along with access privileges and shared folders.

Simplicity is our DNA

With its SMB roots, IceWarp understands your needs and concerns. And delivers quick setup, straightforward operation, and fast onboarding. You’ll be up and running literally in minutes. Just what a business like yours needs.

All-in-one browser experience

IceWarp’s all-in-one environment runs in the browser, so you can spend your entire business day in a single window. Without installing additional software, if you prefer.

Get treated like one of your kind

As a nimble medium-sized business, we are able to personally attend to our customers and understand their specific needs. Need to link up IceWarp with your other systems? Adjust internal processes, add a new feature or just install a new SSL certificate? We’re here when you need us.

Ideal for companies of all sizes

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With 3 months Free now!

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